It’s 11 of Ramadan when so many things came to my mind. They were equally disturbing, and needless to say, I was succumbed to start scrutinising all the informations. 

LGBT was the most vibrant one. The issue was almost impossible to be ignored. I was jolted by the very fact that most of the coverage I read showed very positive acceptance toward the verdict. Considering to share some pieces of my thought, I had been. Alas, very few reading I made had stumbled the process of connecting all the relevant points so that my idea would be seemed so coherently. Fortunately, one junior of mine had written a very good article which had indirectly spoken my mind.

He emphasised up to a certain degree on the importance of tackling this issue practically and legally, and yes, academically. These are three key components that we have to really make it as our forte, au fond, they are also their subtanstial points, thus the battle over this issue would not be a futile one. 

I’m all to agree with his idea and I think the moment we finally figured out the solution, the work to actualise the solution must start. While most of us are able to deliver our idea, it is, very unfortunate, that only some are able to make it real, and of this some, only few are able to do it at the right time and by the right way. 

Ramadan is the month where change is of utmost importance, the strength we have in this month ought to be harnessed optimumly to yield the best result. 


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