Coming of age

Blogging is certainly a good activity to track your record, be it English or writing skill. I found myself very funny when I came to revisit some of my earliest post in English, they were simply amusing . So many grammatical error and wrong choice of words, it’s obvious that Inwas writing back then out of practicing English and not about sharing information or ideas. 

Coming of age

Reading has been helping me a lot since then. I have seen many style of writing and the way they (authors) express their ideas by scrupulously choosing certain pattern of sentences and precise choice of words. Listening to English lecture also helps me to patch my speech up. While the word is there right in our brain, it’s not that easy to actually utter it by our mouth. 

Long-life learning

Just like medicine, linguistic mastery requires us a plenty of time and limitless efforts. I pray to Allah for His mercy and guidance to enlighten my way in learning and mastering this one tiny portion of His boundless knowledge.


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