A return

It is a great social media, and it simplifies our means of communication, everything seems to be very easy, and, it is Facebook. However, I found it more or less a counterproductive effort when you try to put everything in a single post.

I’m a man of essay, and I love to write and express my idea in details, so, blogging is certainly a better resort.

Low reachablity is one minor concern, just up this to Facebook.


Simply better

To live a life is one big thing, while to live a good life is another bigger thing. While most of us here, live peacefully without any or so little adversity, we tend to perceive that’s the real meaning of world, by seeing to what we have around us. While most people outside there, in famine country for example, have to struggle their life, and to make living is one huge challenge. For them, that’s world, a place where every sorrow and suffer resided. Ironically, for those that think world is one nice place, there’s somehow a better place for them. Meanwhile, for those that think, world is where all suffers resided, there’s also a much better life for them. Regardless our position, our definition of world, there’s still a place where betterment and everlastingness exist.


Let’s dream a place, where only the real things exist. We could see the real happiness, real suffer, real provision, and real love. That day, when the real judgment is implemented to every single person, based on the real law and ruled by the real LAWMAKER. That’s yaumul akhirah – The Day of Judgement.

“Whereas the Hereafter is better and more enduring” Al-‘Ala verse 17.

To be in the world is to be in the hereafter.

The later day is not the another life for us, it is actually continuous. To put this easy, living in the world means one part of your long journey has been made. World is the bridge to the next destination which is the hereafter. It’s a bridge for everyone, no exceptional, but how well the bridge is being formed, for you to pass on, it depends on how good you’re in the world.

Ersatz life- worse and lasts shorter

World is only the ersatz of the real life. Islam came to help you realise this, by taking the world from your heart and put it on your hand ONLY. It’s the basic rule that we need a replacement for thing we lost. While Islam’s lesson removes world from our heart, it also instills a better and much longer lasting replacement, that’s akhirah. By taking this as our real concept of ownership, we will eventually realised, for everything we have now, they’re merely less in quatity, menial quanlity and they’re not even ours. If we’re upset with world, then akhirah will become our great motivation to live up, and if we’re too preoccupied with things we have now, then akhirah will become a good reflex to put us back on the track, so we will not go astray. Better in toto Akhirah by all means is better in term of quality and quantity. There are better rewards and also better (read:just) punishments. Till the day comes, scoff up this interim opportunity as a living muslim in this short lasting world. May Allah save us.

New RUMBLE- The “No MERCY” one

This life is too brief, right? Well, at least, you know it from William Shakespeare’s Life Brief Candle. Owh, okay, sorry, heh, IHAB also said about this, and if you read some of his stories, you could see his non-stop effort of spreading da’wah, and disseminating the prophet’s way throughout his life. The way he communicated and dealt with his core business as a preacher, also as a husband and father was categorically near perfect.

Now, as a third year student, studying medicine and “surgery”, this coarse starts to take its tolls.

5 vs 1. That’s apparently an unfair battle, I’m trudging all the way to remain on the arena, dabbling my own weight. My bad. It seems, this very round gives me no mercy. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT.

Simply a means

I dunno why I gotta write this, but it seems that I was frustrated with it, which has -by slightest sense- caught my attention. Though I’m willing to pay as much heed to it.

It’s about doing things for ummah. There are some restrictions, constraints that hinder the growing mass of da’wah. It’s about affiliations. Too much affiliations I must say. Huh, it’s not wrong to have that much, specialisation is very much welcomed though, but what comes next? That’s the issue here. It makes people to start focusing on the means, in another sense, they are forgetting the real purpose, the real objectives.

We need to specialise, and that’s among the top heard reason, so far, maybe. We have engineers, doctors, teachers, plumbers and etc. We have all these kind of people, so everyone will have each own niche of expertise. But we need to know, specialisation ain’t the total business here. This is just an analogy btw. We know one dentist who won the MasterChef competition, recently, right? Yet, did she use her burnisher or ortho plier to cook? Absolutely the answer is not. She “borrowed” the cook’s tool to cook, and this is very fundamental thing. She needs cook’s appliances to cook, not a set of dental tools, apart from the fact that she is a dentist. Bear in mind, although she can cook, and she won the competition, she remained as a dentist, and winning the cooking competition didn’t change her niche business at all.

So, let make it much clearer now. A means remains as a means. It can’t be the end purpose, otherwise, everything will turn just wrong. You need a car to move, if you make that car as your destination, will you ever move to anywhere? I bet you wouldn’t, and I think, I win the bet.

It’s not about doing job for your affiliation, it’s not about serving your affiliation either, it’s about serving the ummah. We need to support every agenda of da’wah, not only the one that’s organised by our own affiliation. This kind of ‘multitude’ should form a very sound and stunning fist, not a tiny and spineless fingers.

The Rumble


Eid is just around the corner, which means Ramadan is moving away. Many orators, speakers are constantly emphasising the importance of Ramadan as a means of attaining Taqwa. Ramadan in a simpler lexical definition means hot, or summer, kinda. Just disregard the definition, Ramadan itself – this is important- is a training ground for every Muslim. By right, finishing the training should create a better person, regardless of how hard we trudge along the way. This is the end, Stephen Covey promoted the idea begin something with its end in the mind. So, now, it’s the end brother! There’s no more cephalic phase for us, now, it’s time to make it, and finish it in a very stylish way.

What comes next?

The classical rumble. The epic fighting between a man and his nemesis- shaitan. Yeah, the ring is rang. Now the round begins as it did before, one year back. How many time do we need to dabble in this fight? Come on brother, it’s not just about dabbling, it’s the real business that we venture in. This is seriously a battle.

How to win this match?

How to clinch the title? Is that really hard? The answer is NO. We have undergone such an intensive training -Ramadan- and we should be very sound and able to throw the caution to the wind. There’s no harm of taking the risk as long we believe that Allah is near, and His help is near.

Is this a handicap match?

NO, it’s not. We can select any weapon to blast our enemy, and don’t forget to hold our own shield. Taqwa should be a good selection to shield and protect us. Taqwa is some kind of constant reminder to every Muslim guy. We listen/hear to this advice for every week, and yet, there’s no significant -if not exponential- improvement we made. How unfortunate.

So, just continue with reciting al-Quran, constantly attending congregational prayer at mosque, and do the dua. All these are our weapon to encounter shaitan. Last but utmost crucial is try to reclaim ourselves, work for our best shape (not physical shape), and do it with our purest intention.

May Allah reward us. May Allah allow us to enter His jannah through the door “ar-Rayan”.

Taqabbalallahu minna. Kullu a’m wa antum bikhair.

Attaining Taqwa #2


Alhamdulillah for His utmost blessing, we are here, in Ramadhan. May Allah bestow upon us with his Rahmah and Maghfirah (forgiveness)

The objective.

Scientists are well-known people who work by objective. They work based on what they wanted to look for, and this quality has become one of the most important application in Islam. Either you noticed it or not. most of the Islamic teaching came with their purpose.

You perform prayer to prevent yourself from trangression, at least.

Same goes to performing fasting, you do it by means of attaining taqwa, at least.

Though, in fact, the real and ultimate objective is to please Allah The Exalted, attaining His pleasure, His love and His mercy.

So, once we are aware with this, is number of pages of Al-Quran very important for us?

Exactly no, but it’s not umimportant alao. It depends on how you value it, if you are focusing on reaching certain number of pages, then that’s the material that will come to you, as such, you only get nothing much, but a temporary feeling of calmness, as a result of recitement. On the other hand, if you read it with another purpose, reciting and leaning, God’s will, you will get more than just a calming feeling. This includes the fear when you listen to the sentences of Al-Quran.

In the nutshell, everything comes with purpose, value your purpose.

Leadership- from a bystander’s view


The word sounds big, but the meaning sounds bigger. The significance of this word implies the main job attributed to a human- as a caliph. However, we need to revisit the idea leadership, very profoundly, in order to have a better organisation. we ought to really digest our position, whether we’re among the leader-board members or just an ordinary committee.


When we discuss about leadership, we are nowhere further from management. Management required planning and ordering which is the distribution of tasks. Let’s tend ourselves to the second item- ordering. Ordering requires a proper skill, and timing. It needs to be delivered at right time, at right place and to right people. Basically, that’s the idea of ordering. Ordering and commanding are two common things that a leader should master.


Order means it comes from the top to the bottom, from the leader to his/her subordinates or workers or whatever you name it. Order nowadays has been dispersed via several methods for example SMS, Facebook, e-mail and so on and so forth. This kind of methodology seem to be the most acceptable and reachable way to receive an order. However, everything comes with white and black. Sometimes, a text message comes into your mailbox in improper way. It comes with no proper addressing, and yes, even without salam. That’s the problem somehow. This writer however opined that the most important thing here is the order itself, either it is reachable or not. Let see to the bigger image. The objective of an order in form of SMS or whatever it was, is to make sure that you understand it. Today’s technology trains us to do everything in a very concise and precise manner. What could we expect from a text message? A nice and lovely greeting from our leader?

Today’s technology trains us to do everything in a very concise and precise manner

What we need to do actually?

In term of a committee member,

1.We actually must decide whether we are capable of executing the order or not. That’s it.

2.If there’s disagreement, please bring out a better idea.

3.Analyse the idea of the order not the way the order came.

It is not up to us to like it or not. Although, it comes from our friend, as long as it is an order, it is an order [full stop]. Please distinguish between an order and a request. Order usually does’t come properly in term of manner, it comes in formal form, but request can be another way. I have cited some to give us a better and clear image.

Stimulus :-

Friend : I want that bread, bring it to me now !!! (This is a request, and you have right to disregard it, as it comes indecently)

Friend* : I want you to submit the report by tomorrow. (This is an oder from higher committee member)

*same person

Both of the orders are coming from the same person, which is our friend. Anyhow, the situation is different. The first one is friend-to-friend request which should come properly, but the second one is leader-to-subordinate request i.e. order.

In any senses, we have to ascertain one thing- our professionalism. Yes, sometimes the one that gives the order is our friend, close one maybe, but when it comes to job, the pattern of request can be another way-serious, dry and boring. By taking into account several factors, such as emotion, a leader, by certain time, has unstable emotion. This unstable emotion maybe due to the last minute job’s incoming, or any prompt action required to address particular issue in an organisation. As a subordinate, we must appreciate one thing, our leader is a human being…

Room of improvement.

To have a good leader is one nice thing, but to have a good leader with good command and manner is a dream-comes-true blessing. Yes, this writer has explained about the role of a subordinate to obey his or her leader, still, if a leader himself possesses certain great attribute and personality i.e. polite, this will actually change the atmosphere. A good command given at right time, right place and to the right person will breed better result and efficiency. As a leader, we must appreciate that our subordinates are human beings. Open a space for our subordinates to remind us, so there’s always ‘check and balance’.

For a leader, please ascertain several things :

1.Make a good planning.

2.Analyse and know your people.

3.Deliver a formal order, ie. giving accurate and sensible task with measurable period.

4.Being nice to your people.

To have a good leader is one nice thing, but to have a good leader with good command and manner is a dream-comes-true blessing


Let’s make it easier, though it sounds too ideal, but the concept is there . We need a good leader with a good manner and quality, yet, we still require many good subordinates who work professionally and unconditionally. As long as the order is still complied to Islamic Jurisprudence, it’s the job of subordinates to execute it. Hence, such good leader and good subordinates will brace the organisation itself, ameliorating its achievement and competency.

Merely my 0.1 cent, a bystander’s view.

Wallahu a’lam. Sorry in advance for any incongruities.

Peace 🙂