Stop the strife


Be like a kite that goes up against the wind of adversity, we can do just better, by being together and defeat the evil of enmity.

It is a bitter period for Malaysians, especially Muslims. Amidst the flood in the west-coast, unending financial instituition dispute, economical struggle, many are still to let their attention caught by the relatively less urgent issue like what we have been encountering this week. The fight between Dr Maza and Dr Zamihan is undeniably sensational, groundbreaking and exciting, for some, this is the cardinal pivot of which our future will be very much determined by it. It’s the fight to declare the truth and to let the lies to decay.

I, personally don’t give a damn to this kind of fight. Whoever won the debate won’t significantly change the paradigm of each realm, less they come to the bottommost of their heart, and reconcile.

Some more, it’s just a zero-sum game, or so a Malay proverb goes “Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu” Will the result be used as a guideline to combat extremism? Maybe yes, but mostly no, rather, a specific body like Jakim or Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan would do the job.

However, let’s stop playing the innocent, or the nerd who always wants to play safe and choose no side. Just roll the ball, and roll it right, I would say, it is very positive to have them talk to each other harmoniously, in a fair medium and controlled setting. I would ask for one and one only, just make it fast, stop the strife, and get back to the society where both of you are needed the most.

I would ask for one and one only, just make it fast, stop the strife, and get back to the society where both of you are needed the most.

Nevertheless, I was jolted by my fb timeline today, just couldn’t believe my eyes- a sum of Muslims scholars and corporates were sitting around the table discussing the issue of the mass, what a meetup!!!

This is what we need the most from the learned ones, for them to put aside their incongruence and focus on what they have in common. We in other field like medical are encountering bizzare and delusional perception on vaccination and many others medical intervention. While the clash of opinion of yours won’t cost any lives, the dispute that we are facing in medical field are threatening the public health status as a whole. How to combat this? The answer is by extensive and holistic approach of education, by this, it means, we need people from other specialty like you guys- the asatizah to work hand-in-hand with us.

In the humble nutshell, it’s either we go big or we go die.


Coming of age

Blogging is certainly a good activity to track your record, be it English or writing skill. I found myself very funny when I came to revisit some of my earliest post in English, they were simply amusing . So many grammatical error and wrong choice of words, it’s obvious that Inwas writing back then out of practicing English and not about sharing information or ideas. 

Coming of age

Reading has been helping me a lot since then. I have seen many style of writing and the way they (authors) express their ideas by scrupulously choosing certain pattern of sentences and precise choice of words. Listening to English lecture also helps me to patch my speech up. While the word is there right in our brain, it’s not that easy to actually utter it by our mouth. 

Long-life learning

Just like medicine, linguistic mastery requires us a plenty of time and limitless efforts. I pray to Allah for His mercy and guidance to enlighten my way in learning and mastering this one tiny portion of His boundless knowledge.

Digital expression

We are living in a world of digital expression, you see people gedegung gedegang on net where they found like and share, but very shy-shy cat in a real world, of where they found real oxygen and food to live.



It’s 11 of Ramadan when so many things came to my mind. They were equally disturbing, and needless to say, I was succumbed to start scrutinising all the informations. 

LGBT was the most vibrant one. The issue was almost impossible to be ignored. I was jolted by the very fact that most of the coverage I read showed very positive acceptance toward the verdict. Considering to share some pieces of my thought, I had been. Alas, very few reading I made had stumbled the process of connecting all the relevant points so that my idea would be seemed so coherently. Fortunately, one junior of mine had written a very good article which had indirectly spoken my mind.

He emphasised up to a certain degree on the importance of tackling this issue practically and legally, and yes, academically. These are three key components that we have to really make it as our forte, au fond, they are also their subtanstial points, thus the battle over this issue would not be a futile one. 

I’m all to agree with his idea and I think the moment we finally figured out the solution, the work to actualise the solution must start. While most of us are able to deliver our idea, it is, very unfortunate, that only some are able to make it real, and of this some, only few are able to do it at the right time and by the right way. 

Ramadan is the month where change is of utmost importance, the strength we have in this month ought to be harnessed optimumly to yield the best result. 

The new league, the new hope

I’m a man of moderation, and by being so, it never means that I’m putting aside my faith. Some might say this is the new face of pluralism, come what may, for me, Islam is always compatible with any era. Having said that, the problem is not with Islam, the problem is with us. We are the nation that responsible to express the true essence of Islam, without abandoning the substantial aspect of it. Islam should always provide solution to the society, and the one to execute the solution is Muslim. 

Be progressive and move on. Count me in.

The Demise & The Advent

The demise of my friend a week ago makes the advent of Ramadan so different for me. Life is short, certainly short. Don’t be shilly-shally, get a grip on yourself and let’s live up to the preciousness of this blessed month.

Ramadan is certainly not the first month of a year, but it owns a very big portion in my life, for me, Ramadan marks the new beginning of my life. Squandering it for so many times, I was, hopefully this time, I shall be strong enough to seize this infinite opportunity.

May Allah bless us all in Ramadan.